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60 Proof


Spirit Description

Our Limoncello is made from a neutral spirit base which is distilled to 190 proof. We then add fresh lemon zest to macerate over the course of 45 days, lending bright colors and flavors to the spirit. A cane sugar simple syrup is added to create the balance of bold citrusy lemon notes with sugary sweetness for a spirit that is perfect served over cold ice.

Information & History

A Highly Contested History of Limoncello

Limoncello was absolutely born in Italy. Where in Italy, though, is more of a heated debate. Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri all claim to be the birthplace of this Italian specialty.

According to Federvini, the Italian Association of Wine/Liqueur Producers, though, limoncello was most likely born at the beginning of the 20th century in a small inn on Capri, where a local lady, Maria Antonia Farace, tended a luxuriant garden of lemons and oranges. Her grandson, after World War II, opened a restaurant nearby whose specialty was the lemon liqueur made following the old recipe of his nonna. In 1988, the grandson’s son, Massimo Canale, started an artisanal production of limoncello, and registered its mark.

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