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Coconut Rum

80 Proof

Limited Edition

Spirit Description

Starting with our Light Rum base, our coconut rum was then infused with finely shredded unsweetened coconut. After infusion it was then filtered and proofed down to 80, just in time for your summer cocktails! Notes of coconut balance perfectly with the sweetness of the molasses to create an easy sipping tropical spirit.

Information & History

B21 Coconut Rum vs. Other National "Coconut Rum" Brands

When people think of “coconut rum” they think of the same big-name coconut "rum" - you know which one we're talking about

While made from Caribbean rum,  this you-know-which-coconut-rum brand technically a flavored liqueur – it is only 42 Proof. The brand calls itself a flavored rum, but there are actually some states that don’t allow the company to market the liqueur as a “rum” because the proof is not high enough.

B21 Coconut Rum is a SPIRIT, not a LIQUEUR, so it is much stronger than other coconut rums (42 proof vs 80 proof) and significantly less sweet.

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