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Agave Spirit

80 Proof


Spirit Description

Our new Agave Spirit is made from 100% Blue Agave and was rested in both new and used oak barrels for 3 months. This Reposado style agave spirit is smooth and balances the sweetness of the agave with the oaky undertones of the barrels.

Information & History

The B21 Agave Spirit is our version of a “tequila” – however, it is not a “tequila” by spirit standards. When it comes to agave spirits, the rule of thumb is:

All tequila is mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila and they’re both agave spirits.

A tequila must be comprised of at least 51% Blue Weber Agave, which is only grown in a very specific part of Mexico. Mezcal can be made of any agave sourced in Mexico but is typically roasted/smoked.

Conversely, an agave spirit just means the mash must include at least 51% agave of any species and distilled to less than 95% alcohol by volume and bottled at or above 40% alcohol by volume. Aside from that, there are a lot of liberties in the category and there’s a lot of room to be creative. Aging, blending, flavoring, and coloring are all allowed in this class of spirit so there’s a lot of room to develop a unique brand identity in this class.

The 100% Blue Agave used in our B21 Agave Spirit is not sourced from Mexico and we played around with aging it in barrels (which is what makes it a Reposado), so it must be called an Agave Spirit.

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