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White Rye Whiskey

100 Proof


Spirit Description

Our White Rye is 64% Danko Rye, 21% Wapsie Valley corn, and 15% malted barley and rye. It is distilled twice through our 7-plate column and then proofed down to 100, creating a clean finish with strong notes of peppercorn and spice.

Information & History

White whiskey is essentially a raw, unfinished product. In the regular whiskey production process, a fermented, grain-based mash is distilled to higher proof (ABV) and aged for varying periods of time in oak barrels. White whiskey skips that last—theoretically essential—aging step and goes right to the bottle. Of all the B21 spirits, White Rye is the easiest to infuse because of the spirit’s neutrality!

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