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Navy Strength Rum

114 Proof


Spirit Description

Our Navy Strength Rum is distilled from Black Pearl Caribbean Molasses. It is then aged in used Bourbon barrels. We release one barrel at a time when it has reached maturity. Bottled at 114 Proof, it displays characters of molasses, bubble gum, and oak.

Information & History


Navy Strength Rum has a very important and interesting history. Navy strength rum got its start after the Royal Navy's successful invasion of Jamaica in 1655. After the invasion, the Royal Navy started giving a daily ration of Jamaican produced rum to its sailors. The ration of rum replaced their daily ration of French brandy, or beer, which would often spoil onboard long ship voyages.

The navy officers would test the strength of the rum by mixing it with gunpowder. If the gunpowder ignited, they knew the rum was "proof." Hence the name of our navy-strength Gunpowder Proof. The proof of the rum was very important, as the rum casks were often stored in close proximity to the gunpowder. Rough weather at sea could lead to rum-soaked gunpowder which would still ignite if needed.

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